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Rentiox's property management software empowers property owners and managers to efficiently manage, grow, and automate a vast portfolio of properties worldwide.

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All-in-one software. Empowering features at your fingertips

Rentiox is the ultimate solution for property owners and managers, providing a comprehensive and streamlined experience. Our complete property management software simplifies day-to-day operations, offering features such as online rent payments, maintenance request management, and lease tracking, all within a centralized platform. Say farewell to time-consuming manual processes and welcome a new era of efficiency and profitability. With Rentiox, you can effortlessly manage multiple properties, maximizing productivity and unleashing your true potential. Explore our website's three distinct panels – Owner, Maintainer, and Tenant – and embark on a seamless property management journey like never before. Experience the future of property management with Rentiox today.

Streamline your cash flow management by setting up automatic payment reminders, generating invoices, and securely processing online rent payments, saving you time and ensuring timely collections for your properties.

Stay on top of your finances by monitoring paid and overdue rent with precision. Gain insights into payment history, streamline follow-ups for late payments, and maintain a clear overview of your rental income effortlessly.

Streamline communication and streamline workflows by centralizing maintenance requests from tenants. Assign, track, and prioritize requests, ensuring timely resolution and seamless maintenance operations for your properties.

Oversee and organize all your properties from a centralized platform, enabling you to efficiently track vacancies, monitor financial performance, and streamline operations. Stay in control and maximize productivity with ease.

One Platform for All


How It Works

Experience business simplicity: one software, one login, no add-ons; just all the features you need, effortlessly.

Rentiox Rentiox

Accounting for Non-accountants

Effortlessly handle your finances with ease, no accounting background needed.

  • Collect Bill & Payment
  • Create Dynamic Invoice
  • Auto Recurring Invoice & Reminders
Rentiox Rentiox

Handle Maintenance Requests & Vendors

Keep your tenants & vendors happy & make sure nothing falls through the cracks with an easy-to-use online portal.

  • Get maintenance requests online
  • Assign & track work orders & issue 1099 forms
  • Automatically mail checks or wire money to vendors
Rentiox Rentiox

Support, Issues & Ticketing System

Effortlessly manage support requests with Rentiox's ticketing system, ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution.

  • Stay on top of any issues or maintenance
  • Owner or maintainer can mark as solved
  • Notice board for tenants and maintainers
Rentiox Rentiox

Empowering Owners Confidence

Keep your owners and investors happy with an owner portal, reports, distributions, and ultimate transparency.

  • Share documents securely
  • Financial transparency
  • User friendly communication between you and the owners

Key Pages at a Glance

Revolutionize your property management experience with Rentiox - the ultimate all-in-one software. Unlock an unparalleled suite of features that will empower you every step of the way.


You can track all the tenant’s billing information here

You can send group reminder from here can create new invoice and can track tenant’s name, property, billing date, billing type, amount, payment status.

  • Can track overdue billing information
  • Can track paid billing information
  • Can track pending billing information


You can track all the tenant’s packages information here

  • The available packages for the
  • active target DBMS are listed in the
  • Object Browser under Attribute packages.

Flexible & Affordable Plans for You


€ 14.99/monthly

  • Manage 5 Property
  • Add 5 Tenant
  • Add 5 Maintainer
  • 200 Invoice Ganareate
  • 5 Auto Invoice Ganareate
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€ 24.99/monthly

  • Manage 15 Property
  • Add 30 Tenant
  • Add 30 Maintainer
  • 2000 Invoice Ganareate
  • 100 Auto Invoice Ganareate
  • Ticket Support
  • Notice Support
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€ 39.99/monthly

  • Manage 30 Property
  • Add 60 Tenant
  • Add 60 Maintainer
  • 3000 Invoice Ganareate
  • 200 Auto Invoice Ganareate
  • Ticket Support
  • Notice Support
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Seamless Integrations

Unlock the power of integration with Rentiox, as our robust property management software seamlessly connects and syncs with a wide range of third-party platforms, empowering you to leverage your preferred tools and maximize efficiency.

Most Common Questions

A property appraisal is an assessment of the value of a property, typically conducted by a professional appraiser. The appraisal takes into account factors such as the property's location, condition, size, and amenities to determine its market value.
A property management app is a mobile application that helps property owners and managers manage their properties more efficiently. The app typically includes features such as rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant screening, and lease management.
A property management app can help landlords streamline their rental operations by providing tools to manage rent payments, track maintenance requests, screen tenants, and communicate with tenants more easily.
A real estate investing app is a mobile application that helps investors research, analyze, and track real estate investment opportunities. The app typically includes features such as property listings, financial analysis tools, and portfolio management.
A real estate investing app can help investors find and evaluate potential investment opportunities more efficiently, as well as track the performance of their investment portfolio.
A home search app is a mobile application that helps users search for properties for sale or rent in a specific area. The app typically includes features such as property listings, search filters, and mapping tools.
Property management software is a type of application designed to help property managers automate tasks related to managing rental properties, such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant screening.
A real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software is an application designed to help real estate professionals manage relationships with clients and potential clients, track leads, and manage marketing campaigns.

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